Costa Rica One Day Tours:

One Day Tours from Guanacaste...

From thermal waters to cloud forests, Guanacaste displays a great variety of unique landscapes, all in one beautiful province.

Mountain chains formed by imposing volcanoes, rivers flowing down the steep mountains and dozens of sandy beaches bordering the province, are examples of the many attractions to be found at this popular destination.

Catamaran Sailing with snorkeling @ 1:30pm - 5:30pm

Silently glide along Costa Rica’s Gold Coast while passing some of Guanacaste’s exotic bays, white sand beaches and tropical jungles. Gaze off the bow with a cold tropical drink prepared and served by our crew as you scan the seas for dolphins, sea turtles, flying fish or even a breaching whale. Stop in a tranquil bay, drop anchor and frolic in the blue Pacific. Snorkel in the bay or run down the deserted white sand beach while the ever helpful crew prepares a feast of chicken or pasta salad, fruit, chips, pico de gallo, guacamole and homemade chocolate chip cookies.


Important Note: Half Day Private Catamaran Tours, Pricing is for up to 30 passengers, each additional passenger is an additional $72



Corobici Nature Float (by J.M)

Corobici River is perfect if you have been dreaming about the joys of white water rafting. The waters are not rough, but you have to work out to manage them. (This river is class I – II).

The tour is two hours of rubber boat trip down the river which is bordered by tropical dry forest, where you will see trees like Ceiba, Mahogany and Guanacaste. You may see are exotic birds, Jesus Christ lizards and monkeys. Before you board the rubber raft, a certified guide will instruct you on safety procedures.


Duration: Full day!! From 7:30 a.m – 3 p.m Aprox.

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Monteverde Cloud Forest (by J.M)

Monteverde is one of the destinations in Costa Rica you have to visit. Our tour includes the Treetop Walkways, Butterfly Gardens, Insect and Reptile Exhibitions at Selvatura Park. Come and learn about the natural history of this wildlife sanctuary, about its mammals, birds and plants.


Duration: Full day!! 6 a.m – 8:30 p.m Aprox.


Buena Vista Adventure & Canopy Tour (by T.M)

Buena Vista is located nearby Rincon de la Vieja National Park. In this tour you will enjoy the primary forest on a different way: trails built up in the top of the trees (about 105 feet high). A small hike takes you to the first platform, from there you start swinging to the other 12 platforms, which are connected by 9 cables from 150 to 400 feet long.

During the canopy, that lasts almost three hours, you will have the opportunity to observe the surrounding forest from a new perspective…. just like Tarzan!!
Cool off on the 1500 ft. long water slide, and then horseback ride to the thermal waters, steam baths and natural spa, located at the slopes of Rincon de la Vieja Volcano.
You might be getting hot by now because of the canopy, so it is time to cool off on the 1200 ft. long water slide.

After having lunch at the Lodge, we start the third part of the tour: Horseback riding to the thermal waters, steam bath and natural spa, located at the foot of Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. Here, you will enjoy the rejuvenating treatments with volcanic mud and mineral waters.
On your way there you will enjoy the wildlife of a transitional forest (between dry and rain forest), where you might be able to spot monkeys, squirrels and a variety of butterflies and birds such as wood peckers and toucans. All of these activities make the adventure more exciting and pump up your adrenaline.


Palo Verde National Park and Guaitil Pottery (by J.M)

Palo Verde is one of the most important and interesting National Parks in Costa Rica. It has at least 12 different habitats within the park including: mangroves, swamps, swamps forests, saltwater and freshwater lagoons and marshes.

In this tour you will get into the Tempisque River, the most important river of the Guanacaste. On this river you will enjoy a two and a half hours boat ride. From the boat, watch the fabulous array of wild birds and a myriad of creatures such as howler monkeys, green iguanas and coatis, anteaters and crocodiles.

The park provides shelter for a great variety of birds such as the American Woodstock, the Roseate Spoonbill, the Boat-billed Heron, the Tiger Heron and the Tropical Kingbird.
This is a great tour for those who love nature and bird watching!


Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs (by J.M)

An active volcano and the Humid  Forest, the best way to enjoy this volcano will be taking the hike near the Arenal Volcano national park to walk on the first lava flow (1968), at these place you also have the chance to see some of present activity (depending on weather conditions), plus the view from the Arenal lake, great hike, followed by a delicious lunch at the hot springs restaurant.


White Water Rafting & Adventure Rappel (by J.M)

White Water Rafting and Adventure Rappel you enjoy a beautiful canyons, wildlife, exuberant vegetation, pristine water is what you will find as you raft for 2 hour down the class 2 & 3 rapids of the Colorado River, after the safety instruction you will get your 2 person raft, at these point the tour leader will give you the option of being accompanied by a guide or have them follow you closely on another raft.

Experienced rafters or beginner have an enjoying guaranty, as well as the nature lovers. After the rafting we rappel down with certified equipment to finish our adventure with a delicious lunch.


Rio Celeste Guided Rainforest Hike (by J.M)

A legend tells that after god was done painting the sky, he washed the brushes in the river that now receive the name of Rio Celeste (Light Blue River). This peculiar color is given by a chemical reaction that reflects the sunlight through the water, and occurs during the joining of two streams that give birth to the river, this place is known as the “Teñideros”.  Rio Celeste is one of the most beautiful and scenic rivers in Costa Rica, located in the lush rainforests of Tenorio Volcano National Park, undiscovered by mass tourism. The park is home to an incredible biodiversity of flora and fauna, including the tapir, wild cats, monkeys, toucans and a vast variety of amphibians and reptiles.

We provide transportation for all the services we offer, please specify in the box below the Hotel or specific location you would like us to pick you up.


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