Why travel to Costa Rica during the green season
English · 26. May 2023
Summer in Costa Rica falls roughly during winter in USA and Europe. This is why our beautiful country is usually very popular from November to April. However, many people are reluctant to visit the country during the rainy season in the mistaken belief that it rains too much to enjoy the discovery. It is time to dismantle these prejudices and to explain to you why travel to Costa Rica during the green season.

English · 15. May 2020
The beautiful islands of Guna Yala (more commonly know as San Blas Islands) and the vibrant ​Guna culture has turned Guna Yala into one of the most popular destinations in Panama. This 365 island archipelago provides the perfect mix of postcard beauty and unique cultural exploration.

English · 12. May 2020
Meet the country that changed the horizon and transformed the world map.

English · 04. May 2020
If you know anything about yoga and travel, you’ll be aware that it’s all about getting in tune with yourself and your surroundings. Well, the all-encompassing nature of Costa Rica is the perfect backdrop for achieving inner calm and ultimate bliss. Doing one of these Costa Rica yoga retreats is one of the best things you can do for yourself while in this magical place.

English · 02. May 2020
Multiple magazines have highlighted Costa Rica as a destination to consider once the Coronavirus crisis is over

English · 03. April 2020
Efraín Chacón, the father of San Gerardo de Dota receives the medal of merit in peace and democracy.

English · 03. April 2020
Hundreds of foreigners visit our country in search of this bird. An great story from Daniel Fernández Chacón about the Quetzal.